Solar Lantern - Model IIB

Solar Lantern - Model IIB

Our MNRE Conform solar lantern is ideal for remote areas/ village dwellings. Easy to handle, making it a mobile source of light application.


  • Module Rating: 12V, 12.0 – 14.0 Wp
  • Module Type: Single Dry Crystalline Silicon
  • Battery Rating: 12V/7Ah or 6V/ ( 10-12 Ah) Lead Acid Battery
  • Battery Type: SMF ( Sealed Maintenance Free Type)
  • Lamp Rating/Type: 5/7W, CFL
  • Lamp Pins: 4/2 pins arrangement
  • Weight: 3.235kg
  • Protection: No Load Protection, Over charge cut off, Fuse Blocking Diode


  • 4 hours of daily operation
  • Charging time of 5 hours on a clear sunny day
  • Portable device suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting
  • Light weight


  • Houses
  • Offices
  • While Travelling
  • Villages
  • Area facing frequent power cut-off